IT Maintenance - We aim to ensure a trouble-free IT environment for you business.

IT Maintenance

CJN IT Solutions provides businesses with proactive IT maintenance services, which ensures your business computer systems run at optimal levels as well as minimising potential downtime.
Our IT outsourcing services are provided at a fixed monthly fee and has been designed with a focus on the SME sector.

Our SLA (service level agreement) combines both reactive and proactive IT services, combined into a unique offering. Which aims to ensure a trouble-free IT environment for your business. The service we provide will allow you to focus on your business, instead of wasting costly time trying to resolve IT problems.

What is IT maintenance?
IT systems are maintained by performing certain essential tasks at regular intervals. Each customer has unique requirements. Although there are some tasks which most customers require to ensure their systems are running securely and efficiently. Automated systems and procedures are implemented which ensure that most of these tasks are done with minimal or no user intervention. Ensuring for instance, that antivirus and Windows security updates are performed regularly.

When essential maintenance is performed regularly, the amount of computer downtime is greatly reduced. Ensuring productivity levels are not hampered by unforeseen computer problems which should have been prevented by regular maintenance.

Why is IT Maintenance important for a business?
Most businesses in today’s technology focused world rely on their IT systems for effective operation. Even the simplest tasks, such as sending a quotation or printing an invoice are done on a computer. Which means any downtime on your IT systems could bring your business to a grinding halt. Keeping your IT systems properly maintained can no longer be overlooked. Since IT systems are an integral part of your everyday business processes.

Types of maintenance
There are primarily two types of maintenance which we focus on, proactive- and reactive maintenance.

Proactive maintenance:
The most important type of maintenance. – Prevent problems from happening by implementing processes and systems which minimise computer downtime and optimise efficiency of IT systems.

Reactive maintenance:
No matter how well regular maintenance is performed, there will always be a need for reactive maintenance. Reactive maintenance is to fix a problem or find a solution to a problem that has already occurred. Email not working? Can’t print? These problems do occur and can be easily rectified should you have an SLA in place.

Advantage of our IT maintenance SLA
With CJN IT Solutions you rely on a team for support instead of an individual. When starting a new SLA, we do an analysis of the IT systems in place. This is to acquire an in-depth knowledge and understanding of your IT systems. The information gathered is made available to our team of technicians. Ensuring that there is an entire team of support staff with knowledge of your IT systems. Our familiarity with your IT systems will ensure problems are resolved faster. Since we already know how to fix problems specific to your environment, should they occur.

CJN IT Solutions provides a complete IT solution which encompasses all your IT needs, including;

  • IT maintenance.
  • IT support.
  • Backup solutions.
  • Disaster recovery plans.
  • Data recovery.
  • Network design and implementation.
  • Office 365.
  • Repairs of hardware and software.
  • Internet connections, domain, website and email hosting.
  • Hardware and software upgrades.
  • Removal of viruses and malware.
  • Server support, deployment and related services

Let us work with you to ensure your systems are running at optimal levels.

How sure are you that your IT systems are being maintained effectively, or even at all?

Do you want to prevent computer problems before they happen?

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