CJN IT Solutions strives for excellence in all aspects of your IT environment.

Our vision is to become a trusted IT service partner, where small and medium businesses play a vital role in our economy. By implementing our services in this market we can ensure a problem-free, more productive and hi-tech small and medium business sector.

By gaining more and more market share we can offer the same technology which is used by corporate companies to you at a price you can afford.

CJN IT Solutions is a business that deals in all aspects of computer technology from your most basic office workstation to the most advanced enterprise servers available.

Not only do we build, maintain and repair computers and all related hardware, we also help companies set up and plan networks. In this age of technology-driven business, you cannot afford the complications arising from computer downtime. Just a few minutes without a computer or a network are enough to cost you dearly in terms of missed business opportunities. Our expertise in the technology sector is just what you need to keep your mission-critical systems running like clockwork. And in case of a system failure or something going wrong, we have highly skilled technicians just waiting to respond to your call.

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CJN IT Solutions Services

Established in 2003, CJN IT Solutions has become a well-established computer service provider and hardware supplier. We realised the need for top quality, real time business solutions and support in the fast expanding world of information technology.

We understand how costly and frustrating computer down-time can be and therefore offer comprehensive support and maintenance services. Our highly competent mobile engineers are trained to analyse any problem and provide an economical solution in a very short time. We guarantee fast and cost effective solutions to our customers and look forward to do sustained business with anybody in need of our services. We strive not only to offer services but to build a relationship with our clients. We shall acquire an intimate knowledge of your business and systems to determine your needs. We then provide a real-time solution that will help you use your systems more efficiently, cut out down-time and help you and your business use the technology for optimum business performance. We strive for excellence in all aspects of your IT environment.

CJN IT Solutions - IT maintenance contracts

IT Maintenance

We provide businesses with proactive IT maintenance services, which ensure that your business computer systems run at optimal levels while minimising potential downtime. Our IT outsourcing services are provided at a fixed monthly fee and focus on the SME sector.

CJN IT Solutions - IT Support

IT support

Our diverse team of skilled IT support personnel has been providing onsite and remote support to customers for over 14 years.

IT Solutions - Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing

The future of in-house IT is looking bleak. It is becoming increasingly difficult to manage all the data, hardware and computing in-house. Looking at outsourcing your IT, shows that you have challenges with your current IT infrastructure.

CJN IT Solutions - Backup Solutions

Backup Solutions

We have a proven track record with our customers, with a 100% data recovery rate from the backup systems we have implemented. We use industry leading products, such as Acronis Backup & Recovery software to ensure full snapshot backups are done. This enable us to restore your entire system to different hardware if required.

CJN IT Solutions - Software


CJN IT Solutions is a Microsoft Partner. We possess relevant expertise to implement and maintain most Microsoft Server products to date. We supply most software, whether it’s a boxed product from Microsoft or a customised programme to suit your business needs.

CJN IT Solutions - Cloud computing

Cloud Computing

CJN IT Solutions is a Microsoft Silver Cloud Accelerate partner. We offer a variety of services to take your business into the cloud. Using Microsoft Office 365 minimises your onsite hardware costs while maximising employee productivity.

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CJN IT Solutions supports and maintains the IT environments of small to medium (5-250 users) businesses.

We have been in the IT industry for over 14 years and have developed a unique support product for our clients, which has resulted in a 100% retention rate for our contracted customers.

Offering our clients corporate level IT support at a price they can afford.

How can our solutions help your business?

  • Unlimited onsite & remote support at a fixed monthly fee.
  • Minimal downtime.
  • Enhanced productivity by ensuring IT systems functional at optimal levels.
  • Guaranteed same day response.
  • Fast turnaround times.
  • Proactive system maintenance and problem prevention.
  • Implement and test backups to ensure data recovery is possible when disasters strikes.
  • Advice on improving your systems when needed.
  • Quick “set-up-and-go” solutions to enhance production in your organisation.
  • Documenting your IT environment for better transparency.

Contact us today to set up an appointment. We can provide you with an IT solution that is more cost-effective, efficient and reliable for your business.

CJN IT Solutions – The smart choice.

CJN IT solutions support services

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